Buy A Job, Not A Small Business

Of Interest for Buyers / Random Thoughts

It may sound crazy at first, but that is only because you have been sold a bill of goods your whole life from people who mean well, but are lacking in confidence in their own ability.  You have also been told that if you buy your own business, you should want to own a business that can run on its own, without you, and grow while you vacation in the Greek isles.  Well, they are right too; in the sense that a “business” is what you want to own, but a job is what you want to buy. 

Here is why:

            If you buy a job, you can build it into a business and have all that you dreamed of.  If you try to buy a business and don’t have a whole lot of money and experience in owning one…you will end up with a job, and get divorced, and hate yourself forever.
             If you think that I am being harsh just give a call to any divorce attorney and ask.  They make a living on entrepreneurs that bought a business and later found out that the store had become their new spouse. 
            Please understand, I think that buying a job is a good thing and that everyone should do it.  A country of self made, independent, hard working, and giving people is what built this country in the first place.  The employee mindset is a relatively new phenomenon promulgated by the school system crated to fill the jobs of a century ago.  This mentality will eventually whither from the vine, hopefully in our lifetime.

You are the boss!

Everyone is already in business for themselves. You just don’t have enough customers yet. Think about it:
Who tells you to get out of bed in the morning? You do!
Who plans your day? You do!
Who decides where and when to eat? You do!
Who decides where to work? You do!
Who decides what career to have? You do!
You also decide how much you are going to make!

Buying your next job just makes your “being your own boss” official.  The difference is simply if you are employed by someone else now, you still service the end user or customer but you let the payment for the services go through a middleman called a boss, and let him take most of your hard earned money.  What the employee mindset does is hire a boss to do a lot of work, take a lot of risk and for that you are paying him a consulting fee of 99% of the profits.  

The business owning mentality say’s “Why not just get the work myself and take some risk and pay some consultants (employees) 30% of the profits and keep the rest.
Some of the best advice I ever got was from a neighbor Richie Meyers when I was ten years old.  He was a businessman and owned a street cleaning business.  One day he asked me what I was going to be when I grew up.  I proudly said I wanted to be a lawyer.  He said “good, maybe I’ll hire you one day”.  I decided that night I didn’t want him to hire me…I wanted to hire me! I also wasn’t smart enough to be a lawyer.

You need equity, you need ownership

With all the opportunities and franchises and information and yes, even money out there you are out of excuses for not owning your own future.  It is no longer an “I can’t “situation; it is a lack of “want” situation.  That’s OK too but here is a question for you; if you were the boss, would you hire someone with so little drive to succeed? 

So find a way somehow to get in with a company and get some equity, become and owner and see how much better life is.  Buy a job, work hard, invest your money, build a real business and I’ll be seeing you on vacation in the Greek Isles.