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Now Is The Time – Start Your Own Business Now

OK, the gloves are off, you have no more excuses.  If you have ever thought about, or dreamed of, or wished that you could own your own business…NOW IS THE TIME!!  As this economy starts turning north again you need to be in a position to take advantage of it.  It is not a seller’s market: The reason is that most small businesses have been beaten up over the past two years and can’t get the money ... Read More »

A bright spot in the economy “Big business from small people”

      There is a reason why young people come up with new ideas.  It is not that they are smarter or faster or better.  It is because this is their future, their life to grow into.  They see the world with no fear because fear does not let them grow.  Fear is not helpful to them.  That is why when I went for a walk with my 11 year old boy last year to look at the effects of the flood damage in the... Read More »

Attitudes Can Change a Nation

Attitudes Can Change a Nation

 Children are the best teachers.  They show everyday how hypocritical we can be.  I caught myself preaching to my son about making excuses instead of finishing his required work for school, and the same day caught myself making the same excuse to my wife about not doing something about the ants in the kitchen.  A wise man told me once that “the only reason you are ever late is because you didn’t l... Read More »