Now Is The Time – Start Your Own Business Now

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OK, the gloves are off, you have no more excuses.  If you have ever thought about, or dreamed of, or wished that you could own your own business…NOW IS THE TIME!!  As this economy starts turning north again you need to be in a position to take advantage of it. 

It is not a seller’s market: The reason is that most small businesses have been beaten up over the past two years and can’t get the money that they want in order for them to sell. If the business has managed to do well over the past couple of years, the value to a buyer has still been punished, and the seller won’t get his price.  The seller just can’t sell!

It is not a buyer’s market:  The reason is that most of you small business buyers have no money left that you feel comfortable using.  The money you were getting was from the equity in your house which has dried up with the debacle of 2008-2009.  The banks have no reason to lend with all the money that they are making in the stock market and most of all, you are scared of the perceived risk of spending your life’s savings and retirement money on some hair brained scheme. The buyer just can’t buy!

So what is there left do?  Just sit around and wait for things to change?  NO!

Now is your time to go out and make it happen.  You need to start you own business today.  Grab a lawnmower and find a customer.  This is still America and starting a small business is in your blood.  This is what we do for crying out loud.  You don’t wait for people to give you a job or a raise or a piece of candy.  You go out there and earn it. You fix, create, build, teach, and charge for it. 

The time is right for starting your own small business or franchise today because the present owners are beaten to a pulp and tired.  They no longer have it in their hearts to put in the effort to grow anymore.  The customers are dying for and craving you! You are a new, fresh faced excitable fun person to work with that will draw people and customers to you like flies to you know what.  Who would you rather do business with; an old crotchety know it all or a happy go lucky do whatever it takes smiling type of person?

The world has changed and the customer is forever changed.  The old way of doing business is not coming back and the old owners will not change.  It is for you to change the world and build your fortune now, today, by getting started in your own start up business or franchise.

So find the money, create the money but to do it today.  The price is not as much as you think and even if it was, the cost of not doing it could mean your fortune.