Businesses directly marketed by our qualified in-house brokers
The local companies that you will see here have been through our system of business valuation and disclosure. We have prepared the financials for you so that they’re very easy to understand. But please contact us if you have any questions!

Other businesses available through “The Neighborhood” in Georgia
Neighborhood Business Brokers happily cooperates with other brokerage firms and their listings. In this link you will find the other businesses available in Georgia that have not been fortunate enough to find one of our agents yet. We will gladly assist you in researching these companies with the goal of finding the perfect fit for you. Happy Hunting!

All I want to do is to find out a little about this business… Why do I have to fill out all these forms?

As a buyer, you need information to make a reasonable decision. You would think that a seller would drop everything to give you that opportunity. The challenge is that the seller has no idea who you are – and if you have enough money to buy his/her “baby”. They need to know the individuals are qualified to look at their business.

• The way we introduce the buyer to the seller is with three short forms. They are kept by us
   in strict confidence – our business license depends on it!

A word to the potential buyer: Going into business for yourself can be a life-changing experience, one that should not be taken lightly. One small oversight could wind up costing you thousands of dollars, or even worse… your health. But don’t worry Neighborhood Business Brokers will be there for you!

We always tell people to read, ask, talk, and ask again. There are many good articles on this site and others. So please do your homework. And feel free to call us anytime, we all know that talk is cheap and with us it’s even better… talk is free!