Cheap and Easy to Start Up

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Starting a business is a dream for many people and will remain a dream for most.  It is not the lack of ability or of determination but of procrastination. It is very human to want to provide the “perfect” product.  To research and to plan the entire business cycle down to the last paperclip.  A friend of mine who is by far the most intelligent and creative problem solver I have ever met has been for years coming up with great ideas for businesses that he is still working on.  I am sure that years from now he will still be planning for the next big opportunity. The challenge is not the inspiration, but in just Starting.  We can come up with, and I have come up, with many excuses why I can’t start today.  First we need supplies, people, forms, licenses, desks, phones, etc…what you really need is a customer and the rest will follow.  It is easy to start up, simply knock on a door and ask for a shot.  You will most likely change your business plan 3 million times anyway.  The best research is on the job training.  By the way nothing is stopping you from learning the business by day while working for someone else in the field, and then getting your own customers at night.  Start today.