A bright spot in the economy “Big business from small people”

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      There is a reason why young people come up with new ideas.  It is not that they are smarter or faster or better.  It is because this is their future, their life to grow into.  They see the world with no fear because fear does not let them grow.  Fear is not helpful to them.  That is why when I went for a walk with my 11 year old boy last year to look at the effects of the flood damage in the neighborhood, we saw two different events.

      I saw sorrow and pain in the eyes of our neighbors as they put out to the curb destroyed furniture, carpet and electronics.  I witnessed kindness of people helping people salvage some memories and trophies from their home.  I saw essence, I saw the past.

      Matthew, on the other hand was looking straight into the face of the future.  He saw opportunity in the form of trash in the front of people’s house that was going to rot and stink and continually remind them of the loss.  He said:

“Daddy, we can load that stuff in the truck and take it to the dump for them, they would pay for that wouldn’t they?”

     Now mind you, he didn’t ask about the licensing required to do such a thing.  He didn’t think about insurance and taxes and 1099’s.  He didn’t even ponder the philosophical reasons people get so attached to their stuff, much less where was the dump anyway.  He just walked up to the neighbor and got himself a customer.

     Matthew is twelve now, and JunkGenerals.com, as his company is called is thriving.  Even in this economy where grown-ups are wondering what is the future going to hold for them. The boy and his nine year old sister keep busy every weekend without fail. 

     They would have more business if that darn school didn’t take up most of the week.  No worries though because he has forged relationships with other contractors in the field that have their drivers license already to pick up the slack while he is “wasting time in school” as he puts it.   This is real money that I am talking about, thousands of dollars saved from a boy who sees a need and finds a way to get the job done.

     What are you doing?  For many of you the answer is nothing.  Kids can’t wait for things to change before they do something.  They don’t have a choice and they know it.  That is why they do first, and ask questions later.  You have seen this economy breed people who know that the answer is to be their own boss and buy their next job. Yet you stifle yourself into nothingness because you ask too many questions and never do anything.

     JunkGenerals.com is expanding.  It has proven itself as a viable business and has attracted investment. (Albeit from family members)  We expect the business to evolve and change so that by the time the children graduate High School it will be a full blown self running, income producing entity.  All because some eleven year old boy made a move, and got a real live paying customer. You can do it too! No excuses! You are more creative than you think you are!

We will keep you updated on the progress of Matthew, Sophie and Junk Generals.

Now it’s your turn, our country is depending on you.